Leesburg Wineries

Wineries to Visit In Leesburg, VA

Visiting a winery can be a fun, relaxing way to spend your day when you're visiting Leesburg, VA. Tasting a plethora of wines, checking out the views, and learning about vineyard history can be a great experience for you and your friends. Whether you want to just drop by for a visit or plan the day out, Leesburg, Virginia has many great options when it comes to wineries, such as the Dry Mill Vineyard and Winery, the Casanel Vineyards, and the Stone Tower Winery.

Dry Mill Vineyard and Winery is a relatively new winery to the area. Dry Mill is located at 18195 Dry Mill Road in Leesburg, VA. Opened in 2009, this winery is located about one mile from historic Leesburg. The owners, Nancy and Dean Vahuss have restored the preexisting buildings on the land which consisted of stables and a barn. The Dry Mill Vineyard and Winery offers many different things to people that would like to visit. The winery offers private group wine tastings, a wine club that provides added benefits when visiting the winery, event hosting, patios and picnic areas, and much more. The winery has many various wines, including Merlot (2013), Traminette( 2015), and Norton (2013).

Casanel Vineyards was opened in 2008, and is family operated and owned. The vineyard's location is 17956 on Canby Road in Leesburg, VA. The vineyard is located near both Route 9 and Route 7. Casanel has a tasting room that is open from Thursday to Monday with varying hours. When you visit the vineyard, you can take a tour of the winery production and vineyard. If you're planning on visiting Casanel with a group that contains eight or more people, you'll need to make a reservation one week prior. The winery produces nine exclusive wines, such as The Full Nelson Port, Jose Rose, Chardonnay, and a Wine Club only Carmenere (2014). Casanel offers two different memberships. The Casanel Case Club provides many benefits, such as 15% off of your bottles of wine, access to wines that are club exclusive, and you can receive 12 bottles of wine each year that you're a member.

Stone Tower Winery is located on 60 acres of vineyards. The winery is located at 19925 on Hogback Mountain Road in Leesburg, VA. Stone Tower is open every day, with visits on Tuesday and Wednesday being by appointment only. Their hours for the remaining days of the week are 11 AM to 6 PM. They have two tasting rooms, the Harvest Barn and the Tower View. The Harvest Barn tasting room welcomes families and pets. It also has a large lawn for picnics. The Tower View tasting room is open to guests over the age of 21. Tower View also has Wild Boar Hall, which is an area exclusive to members. Tastings at Stone Tower cost 15 dollars for six wines at the bar. The wines created at the winery include Wild Boar Sauvignon Blanc (2016), N/V Wild Boar Rose Cuvee, and Estate Wind Swept Hill (2014). Gift certificates are also available if you're looking for a gift for a friend or family member.

Whether you're looking for a winery that is more family friendly or adult aged, you're sure to find what you're looking for in one of the many wineries located in Leesburg, VA. A winery makes a great experience for families, friends, and even pets. You'll be able to spend the day exploring the vineyards, taking a tour, or trying some regional wine while learning some new things in the process.

Leesburg Wineries